CianoDock is a nice software solution for creating and managing all sort of shortcuts on your computer, without clogging the screen with icons. The interface floats on top of other applications that you’re using and it’s packed with various neat features and tools that you may want to use. Lightweight and colorful interface with some tools The application doesn’t take long to install, mainly because it’s very lightweight and it only has a few features. It’s very colorful and it comes with four additional themes that you can check out, but the steps that you need to take are a bit confusing, so make sure you check out the’readme’ file with instructions. CianoDock can be easily accessed from the notification tray, simply right click to make changes or tap in the shortcut from your keyboard. Arrange applications in groups on the screen It comes with some default groups, like documents, games, music, paint and system programs. There’s the option to create more by right clicking at the center of the dock. If you want to change the group position, push and hold CTRL key then click on the group you want to move, it will glow then click on the desired position. To change the icon’s group, just drag and drop a PNG image on the icon’s group. Add shortcuts to your applications To create a new application/game link, just drag and drop the executable file on the desired group. To set a new Hotkey, make sure that CianoDock window is active by clicking on it with the mouse button. It comes in two languages, English and Italian, you can change them from the settings menu. The shortcuts for opening CianoDock can also be adjusted, you can have the application run at Windows startup if you’d like. All in all, it’s a very nice software solution but some of its features don’t really work, making it difficult to add shortcuts, change background images and even the position of some icons. Like I said before, I do think that the main features like creating groups, adding shortcuts or changing the background image of icons are still in development, so I would wait a while until you see the final version, since it is an alpha version, but so far it is very nice. CianoDock nBe UI + – CianoDock is a nice software solution for creating and managing all sort of shortcuts on your computer, without clogging the 831752648f formal charge of benzene
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