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Microsoft Office Add-in that will help you work with chemical and mathematical equations and formulas. For the set of chemical elements (Ba, Sr, Ca and so on) there is a function enabling to print capital and small letters without switching by “Shift” and “Caps Lock” keys. Figures specifying the number of atoms in chemical formula (H2SO4) are automatically made subscripts, and atom’s oxidation figures and ion charges – superscripts. At rearrangement of chemical equation “=” sign can be substituted by an arrow. It is possible to insert arrows with frequent reaction conditions or to form your own ones, it also possible to add additional information ((s), (l), (g) and so on) which can be edited. There is a function of checking chemical equation in relation to the number of elements from the right and from the left. Functions for the work with mathematical formulas enable to rearrange mathematical formula of one line into the formula with full numerators, denominators, radicals and degrees by using single keystroke. Equip is a simple program to help with converting points of Excel or Google Sheets to the equations. It has 9 functions to convert a set of cells and even text or the text in several languages. It is possible to select the language of the conversion using the mouse, any multiple languages are possible with one click. Equip description: A very simple and fast converter of cells in Excel or Google Sheets to their equations, using the active cell. It uses the general function of Excel or Google to convert cells to the equations. With the mouse you can select the cells with an active form and translate them to the equation. The function is used to select the text or cells and translate them to the equations. You can select several languages at once with the mouse. With the function of equation you can automatically save your conversion to the selected cells. If the function is not enough for you and you want more functions, you can click on the buttons and choose the functions, or you can buy the complete package and have all of the functions for free. It has nine functions to convert a set of cells and even text or the text in several languages. To select the cells or text to be converted use the mouse, any multiple languages are possible with one click. New version 1.1 We fixed a bug in the function to add points to the cells in the field without numbers. We also eea19f52d2
Pluto Video Downloader is an easy to use, powerful and feature-rich video downloader. The program allows users to easily download videos from the web. The tool has many great features such as downloading videos in the background, settings up proxy server and fast video conversion, etc. Pluto Video Downloader Key Features: Pluto Video Downloader uses private proxies which are shared by our users. You can save the download links to your Clipboard, and the application will automatically download videos. Download videos from over 500 sites The application supports downloading videos from over 500 popular websites. It’s designed to quickly find video links and save them to your clipboard. Download videos in the background When you download videos to your computer, they are not saved in the browser, which means you cannot easily find them. The application downloads videos to specific folders where you can find them easily. Protected videos Downloading videos from most of the popular websites is protected by the parental-control system. This feature ensures that kids cannot download videos from the site. Multiple resolution support The app supports downloading videos in the highest resolution available on the source website. You can choose to have videos played in the default player or simply view them from your system. Convert audio formats to MP3 You can also convert videos to a music format. A converter with advanced settings is also included. Download and convert videos to your computer After downloading videos from the web, the application allows you to do multiple things with them, such as play, convert and download them. You can convert video formats to other audio/video formats, such as MP3, MOV and more. How to Crack Pluto Video Downloader Pro and Setup? First of all, download Pluto Video Downloader Pro & its latest version from the official site of Pluto Softwares. Extract it using WinRAR or any other extraction tool. Now you have to Install the program. Run it on your Windows PC. Click on the “Registration Button”. It will give you an option to choose your kind of license. You can go for 3-days or 1-year license depending on your need. Click on “Next”. Choose the License Type. Click on “Next”. Type the License Key. Click on “Next”. Agree to the License Conditions. Click on “Next”. Click on “Finish”. The license is now activated. Enjoy the software!

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