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+ Setup profiles containing Windows system information for each computer, so you can easily connect to a computer with specific profile. + Supports VNC and RDP connection methods. + Supports the computer name and password properties that can be used for connection. + Very easy to use, by simply clicking on the main app window to connect to your computer. + Profiles can be created in any way you want, you can even start with blank profile, copy your own profiles from another computer. + Changes profiles can be saved, making it easy to switch between computers without having to manually setup everything. + Optionally, one of the profiles can be shared with other people. + Optionally, you can add web links on profile properties, making it easy to connect to your computer from other devices. + Optional: Password generator that generates passwords of any length and complexity. + Optional: Support for.rdp file formats. + Optional: Support for.vnc file formats. + Optional: Very easy to configure, the settings dialog can be opened by pressing F4. + Optionally, a popup notification window can be displayed when connection is made. + Optionally, you can close connection if computer IP is unavailable. + Optionally, you can set a connection limit, so you can set a certain number of connections before a disconnection. + Optionally, you can get current IP address, so you can share it with other people. + Optionally, you can share connection profile with other people. RemoterFusion Free – Remote VNC & RDP Profiler is a FREE utility that allows you to configure remote connections to your computers. The utility connects to a computer using a configurable IP address and port, thus making it easy to connect to your computers from your mobile devices. You can use this utility with remote desktop clients to quickly connect to your computer and perform basic actions such as shutdown or reboot. The utility also allows you to save network configuration settings so you can easily reconnect your computers later on. With this utility, you can also create and manage multiple remote connections to multiple computers simultaneously. The program supports file associations so you can easily launch an application using a local shortcut. The utility supports major Windows platforms including Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1. JRecord – Record and monitor your internet usage in real time. JRecord is a network analyzer that records and monitors your internet traffic in eea19f52d2
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