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SSLKEYMACRO is a program to detect and report the usage of weak or misconfigured SSL/TLS ciphers. It is written in the C programming language and used to test the strength of the SSL/TLS ciphers on a server. This tool can be used by both sysadmin and… … and Zmodem just opened a lot of possibilities for fast communication. Over the last ten years, I have discovered that all the other devices in the World that have a serial port are not so powerful as some terminals that can send, receiving and it works pretty fast. THE MACHINE INDUSTRY SUCKS! In my company I’ve been developing my own machine for years, and I have come to the conclusion that the industry has not improved on the machine design since the first IBM PC. So, let’s talk about our favorite subject: A MACHINE FOR THE FUTURE The main objective for our machine is to solve problems, like a machine always working, regardless of the weather, small footprint, power consumption, auto-incrementing number ID, and have a standard interface to connect to remote computer. This design has been a long story, involving research in different fields, like: * POWER Architecture, * C#, * ADT, * ASP.NET, * WINDOWS, and others. Now we have a concept, and we are in the first days of a great adventure. In case you are interested in know more about this project, you can download the prototype. The device This device connects to a remote computer, with a nice LCD screen, and it has a USB port. The only problem, it does not have any power source. We use a serial port for all the commands, and they are very simple commands. There are only 4 commands: PROGRAM START PAUSE STOP You only need to send them to the device, and it will perform them. But it is up to the remote computer to perform the programs, as if you send them, the remote computer must support the commands. So, this device is connected to the remote computer as if you plug it. These are some of the steps for the procedure: 1.-The user connects to the remote computer with a terminal program (pterm, put 70238732e0 WhiteSmoke-Writer-Pro-[One-Year-License].epub
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– Lightweight web service virtualization and API simulation tool that can be run on all the key OSes. – Cross-platform, powerful command line-based piece of software that provides you with a straightforward way to create simulations for app APIs that can also be edited, exported, and shared. – It can be run from the command line on all major operating systems out there, namely Windows, macOS, and Linux. – Create dependable simulations for app APIs with the help of Hoverfly – The tool is perfectly capable or replacing changing API dependencies with sustainable and renewable, all while accounting for random failures and network latency. – Also noteworthy is the fact that Hoverfly can be used both as a proxy server and as a webserver while providing you with four modes, namely Capture, Simulate, Synthesize and Modify. – Effortlessly get Hoverfly up and running and start taking advantage of its features in no time – Hoverfly comes with support for both x86 and x64 architectures, and it is comprised out of two binaries: hoverfly.exe and hoverctl.exe. The first one provides the proxy servers and API endpoints while the latter is an actual CLI that helps you start, configure, and stop Hoverfly. – Start off by extracting the contents of the provided package on any location on your computer’s hard drive. It’s worth keeping in mind that both hoverfly.exe and hoverctl.exe should be located in the same folder – Use the “–help” command to get a full description of all the available commands or feel free to read more on the utility’s official documentation page. – Powerful, widely-accessible and lightweight API simulation utility – To sum it all up, Hoverfly is a capable service virtualization and API simulation tool that allows you to capture HTTP traffic and create virtual interactions, as well as manage requests and responses. It can be run on all the key platforms out there without requiring distinctive dependencies or integrations and, best of all, without draining your computer’s resources. 0.01MB Lite Lite Lite is a simple HTML, CSS and Javascript editor. It is suitable for fast prototyping and web development. It features multiple user accounts and a user management page. The app is useful if you want to keep a shared design, or you want to make sure that you will not accidentally change someone else’s code. 0.28