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Ares is an Open Source.NET IRC/RPC Server. It has been written by IRCnet in 2004, and has been released as Open Source software since 2008. The current version is 1.0.1, and as of 2012 is based on 1.5.4 of the ircnet source code. Ares is a very full featured server, with many options and features that are currently unavailable on most other servers. Ares also has a web based client built using ASP.NET, that will allow you to join and host your own Ares server from your own web server. Since it is a.NET server, Ares is fast and scalable, with a built in module system which allows it to be easily extended, and thus provide many very useful features. Ares Server can also act as an IRC gateway, providing a very flexible and powerful server setup. Ares is coded in C#, making it easily portable between.NET and Mono, and it currently runs on Microsoft Windows (though support for other platforms is possible), Linux and OS X. Callisto will also provide a very simple web based user interface, that will allow newbies and advanced users alike to easily use it. Callisto Client Description: Callisto is an HTML5 Web Client, based on our Chameleon code. This client is fully open source, allowing users to modify it to their own needs. This is mainly used as an IRC Chat Client, but it can also be used to connect to other open source servers, and for hosting your own, and of course as a replacement for the Ares web based client. As of July 2012 this client has been updated with more javascript features, and a new and more modern look. Callisto will also provide a “bot/hack” feature for users to add to their server. This bot will allow users to do various things such as set a password for their connection, set a CAPTCHA for their connection, and report users who are misbehaving or spamming. Callisto will also provide support for macros, allowing users to add custom scripts that are dynamically added to the user’s channel. Callisto Server Description: Callisto is an HTML5 IRC Server, based on our Chameleon code. This server is fully open source, allowing users

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Create IP/Internet proxies using Webroaming/Anonymizing methods Use KeyMasher to create one-time secret keys using F4/6/7 characters Use a JavaScript macro to generate URLs including Proxies via request event from URL variable Webroaming/Anonymizing methods: CyberGhost: Anonymity: Allows P2P file sharing. Allows permanent access to Torrents. Allows P2P streaming. SurfEasy: Allows P2P file sharing. Allows permanent access to Torrents. Allows P2P streaming. ProxyBit: Anonymity: Allows P2P file sharing. Allows permanent access to Torrents. TorGuard: Anonymity: Allows P2P file sharing. Allows permanent access to Torrents. Allows P2P streaming. Anonymity: Allows P2P file sharing. Allows permanent access to Torrents. KeyMasher: Create new keyfiles, restart, and clear out Draw random characters from pool of desired characters Change characters to desired keycode Add desired information BOT Control Usage: From the command line: ares -i string | input,read csscript ares -r csscript | xpath ares -i “url” | bot,channel,create channel,create hosts,check_status,create server,delete server,emails,gifts,get servers,list channels,list emails,list host,list hosts,list rooms,list servers,list servers by availability,list servers by name,list users,list users by email,list users by nickname,list users by names,list users by status,list users by teams,list users by team,list users by teams by status,list users by teams by status by host,list users by team by host,list users by team by status by host,list users by team by status by host,list users by team by username,list users by username,remove users by status,remove users by status by host,remove users by team by host,remove users by team by status,remove users by team by status by host,remove users by team by username,remove users by username,remove users by username,remove users by user,reset passwords,status, 80eaf3aba8

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Callisto will feature two types of Web Clients: Web based and Desktop based. Web based Clients will use HTML5 and other Web technology, and will run in all HTML5 compliant browsers. A desktop based client will use a Windows Based application (in the near future) The AresChat server is a.NET based, open source Ares chat room server. It is programmed in C#, and is written as a replacement for the commercial chat room software, AresChat Pro. AresChat is a premium chat room service that is available for free to registered users. Callisto is based on the Free, open source.NET chat room server, Callisto. Callisto is a.NET based, open source chat room server, and as such is fully configurable and extendable. Although its main development effort will be centered on providing the most stable, feature rich, and customizable chat server possible, AresChat features many other useful features, including:  Group Chat: AresChat supports group chat! This means that groups of people can chat as a team. Automated Chat Channels: Chat Channels are automatically created and updated as people join or leave a group. Multiple Clients per Chatroom: Multiple clients are supported for each chatroom, where the clients are executed independently on the same machine. Online Clients: AresChat supports an “online” client which allows users to view chatrooms without logging in. Full-featured, fully functional Chat Server AresChat is a simple, yet powerful chat server. It is, however, made to do a lot of different things. AresChat features a robust configuration system, multiple chat channels, the ability to host streams and other media, a full profile management system, and a user management system, all to support a rich and interactive experience. When starting to build a site, I recommend doing some simple research, such as putting your site up on the net and observing how other sites are built. If your site has a large amount of traffic, such as more than 100,000 unique visitors a month, you might want to hire a webmaster. But most people don’t need a webmaster. If you have less than 100,000 visitors a month, then it is better to do everything yourself. As your site grows, you will probably want to hire someone to help you. In this case, you might be best off using a webmaster. If you only have a few dozen visitors a month, or if you only want to have a static page or two for now, then you do not need to hire a webmaster. In this case, the most important thing is to have a good website design. Here are some websites that I think are very good and I think you should take a look

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