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picd is a small and lightweight utility that enables you to take and share screenshots. Features: * Save images in the format of your choice * The App is 100% free! * Supported formats: PNG, BMP, JPG, WEBP and HENC * Webapp for easy viewing and sharing your images Requirements: * Internet access is needed for viewing the app’s webapp. * The app does not require administrator rights. What’s New in picd 1.1.1: As always, please feel free to send feedback and comments to the developer. App ScreenShots: The App is available for free download on the Google Play Store. We’re always seeking more contributors so if you want to join the project, please check out our Contributor Agreement. Earlier this week we brought you the news of a popular crypto wallet Android app that has been compromised. In fact, the malicious code on the app has been on the Play Store since the beginning of May and it is also available for iOS devices as well. On this occasion, we’d like to present you with another Android app that has been compromised: BlackBox Web Browser. The malicious code on the app has been on the Google Play Store since the beginning of May and it is also available for iOS devices as well. On this occasion, we’d like to present you with another Android app that has been compromised: BlackBox Web Browser. According to a group of researchers from Check Point, the name of the app doesn’t appear to be any different from the original one and the app itself is one of the most popular browsers in the market. What’s more, the researchers note that the developer claims to have integrated a security feature into the app. As for the malicious code that was found in the app, it enables the attackers to steal data from the devices. The researchers discovered this malicious code in the app’s background service that allows the attackers to intercept browsing data. As it appears, the app comes with some cool features such as being able to remove the privacy policy from web sites. In addition, the researchers note that the malware on the app also enabled the attackers to steal data from other apps. What’s more, the app is currently on version 3.0 and it is an APK installation, which means that it can be easily downloaded and updated. At the moment, we don’t have any information about how many downloads the app has eea19f52d2
TARGET 3001! PCB Designer is a free utility developed as a means of creating Custom Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), useful in a variety of industrial designs. The application’s installation process is fairly normal, except that just before completing the operation, you are offered to install another program (made by the same developer) that TARGET 3001! does not require in order to function properly. Nonetheless, you can decline the offer and then use TARGET 3001!. Create and edit PCB schematics The tool allows you to work with existing files (supports T30001 as an input format), or you can just create your own schematic design, using the numerous objects and components that TARGET 3001! provides you with. The program disposes of an extensive library with numerous components, that you can add to your new design via drag and drop, or you can use the ‘Search’ feature and locate the target item, then add it into your project. You can use right-clicks to rotate the components in order to better fit your design. Wide range of drawing and customization tools Additionally, TARGET 3001! even lets you to create your own components, that you can use in designing custom circuits, or you can edit existing ones to suit your requirements. You can add signal wires and modify their settings (position, line style, signal class, thickness, etc). The ‘Pen’ utility enables you to draw various elements (circles, rectangles, triangles) on your circuit board, place text boxes or junctions, special symbols or centering marks. The ‘PCB View’ feature allows you to switch from schematic to Printed Circuit Board. Comprehensive PCB designer with practical features TARGET 3001! is a comprehensive piece of software that can prove useful for CAD and CAE industrial engineers, as well as students who are still trying to learn how to create functional PCBs from scratch, as they can benefit for the professional tools that this programs offers. It is however, sufficiently complex that it might require a bit of time to get used to it and properly locate its functions through the multiple menus, panels and toolbars.A critical review of ergonomics in food handling: an update for food safety managers. The food industry is a complex, dynamic, and changing industry. As workers become more technologically advanced and the food industry expands, the ergonomics of food handling and processing are becoming more and more important. This article reviews the field of ergonomics in food

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