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========= No more paper! With Acute Softwares Diary you will use your Android device to manage your private notes and tasks. With this application, you will be able to write private notes with different subjects, create and manage your monthly tasks and appointments, save your draft texts and export them to your email as PDF or TXT. Acute Softwares Diary provides you several tools to do so.  ➤ Customizable GUI The appearance of Acute Softwares Diary is quite customizable, you will be able to select the background color, customize the font, font size, and color of the cells. ➤ Collaborate with your friends and colleagues Acute Softwares Diary has been designed to allow you to collaborate with your colleagues and friends by sharing your tasks. You can create topics and invite other users to collaborate, view the shared tasks and create your own tasks in one view. ➤ Access to an application even from Android Wear You can create private notes in Acute Softwares Diary using your smartwatch and access them even if you are walking or riding a bike! ➤ Private notes You can save draft texts and later edit and modify them. ➤ Tasks & appointments You can create, set and save appointments and create tasks. ➤ Exports PDF & TXT You can export your notes in PDF or TXT formats, both with or without images. ➤ Settings You can setup your preferences for Acute Softwares Diary to work faster. ➤ Support: ======== The support of the application is done using the App Store. This means that any problem with the application can be reported using the Android application “XDA Labs”. For any questions about the support or how to ask for a feature, please visit the Acute Softwares Blog. Features: ========= Manage your private notes Acute Softwares Diary provides you with an easy and practical way to write and share notes. This application helps you to organize and work on your private notes with different subjects. You can assign, edit and share notes with different persons and keep them organized. Create and manage your tasks & appointments Acute Softwares Diary helps you to set and manage appointments with your colleagues and friends. You can set an agenda, create an event and share it. You can also export it as an appointment in other applications. Collaborate eea19f52d2
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