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– Easy to use interface – Search song directly from your artist list – Playlists – Stream and stop playback – Use regular (M3U) playlists or use the music queue to play your favorite songs – Supports shuffle and Repeat songs – Info panel with detailed song statistics – Detailed song history – Two level song order – Four level settings for the music queue – Shake to shuffle songs – Mute/unmute songs – Basic audio options (volume, brightness) – Supports Stereo and 5.1 surround – file playlists – Allows one click to open a new tab or window and continue from where you left off – Easy to share song URLs with your friends (addresses with # are automatically removed) – Playlist add/delete/edit from web – Long press to start/stop playback – Wide range of skins and styles available – Dark and transparent modes – Five different song lists can be shown at once – Playlists can be sorted by artist or date added – Tap on the album to sort by artist – Supports artist, album, playlists and songs – Supports regular playlists (random/shuffle/repeat) and the music queue – Supports RTSP and HTTP protocols – Supports scrobbling (Facebook,, Spotify, SoundCloud, Youtube) – Supports scrobbling on “Music” app – Works on Android 2.1 and higher mini Shark Changelog: 1.0.7 – Added support for Google Play Music playlists – Fixed bug with some Android versions 1.0.6 – Added support for Vevo playlists – Added support for YouTube playlists – Added support for playlists – Added support for Lollipop 1.0.5 – Added support for Shazam playlists – Added support for regular playlists (shuffle, repeat) – Added option to remove the favorite button – Added option to hide the album cover – Added option to turn off the play/pause/next/prev button – Added option to turn on the toolbar 1.0.4 – Added support for Youtube playlists – Added option to turn on the volume keys – Fixed some style issues – Other minor improvements 1.0.3 – Added support for the Youtube eea19f52d2
Chessimo is a Windows software application whose purpose is to help chess players develop strategies and tactics using key learning concepts such as repetition and memorization of chess patterns and positions. Intuitive and interactive working environment You are welcomed by a clean layout that integrates a chess board from where you can play the game in a virtual environment. You can make use of the drag-and-drop support in order to move chess pieces from one position to another. Additionally, you are allowed to pause the game, give up the game and start a new one, monitor the time with the aid of two built-in timers, go to the previous or next chess move, as well as jump to the first or last chess move. The tool also keeps track of all your moves with the aid of notations into a Training window and lets you save the current game to a file so you can continue it in the future. The structure of the learning module Chessimo gives you the possibility to use a database that includes details about five main subjects, such as Tactics, Endgames, Commented Endgames and Strategy. Each subject is divided in training modules that allow you to start with easy concepts and reach access to more complex ones. Teaching technique used by Chessimo The teaching technique implemented by the program enables you to work with exercises that illustrate a specific concept and ask for an answer from the user. If the user doesn’t make the most adequate move, the utility shows the correct one. Plus, exercises are repeated several times until the user is capable of delivering the correct answer in a short amount of time. Training history Chessimo keeps a history with all your training modules and provides information about the module, unit, date, exercise, time and situation, as well as info about exercises, such as learnt and studied tactics, endgames, strategy and total points. Configuration settings The utility allows you to change the color schemes for the chess border, display tips when you run the utility, choose between several types of chess pieces, alter the border, light and dark squares of the board, and play sounds upon different events. Bottom line To sum things up, Chessimo comes with an interesting feature pack for helping you improve your chess playing skills, and is suitable for all types of users, regardless of their experience level. Publisher: GTS Software – Download Full Version License: Free Downloads: 6,050 Buy Chessimo

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