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Inventory: Make sure that you are aware of what you have on hand. No matter how much money you save on paper, you can never match the human eye’s ability to detect what is missing. Even at the busiest times, you can never be sure that you’re accurate 100% of the time. Read and inspect your stock on a regular basis. Print Bills: Set up automatic print runs when you’re not available. By doing this you can ensure that you always have accurate customer bills to hand. Customer Returns: Sort, categorize and deal with your returns without wasting time. The software will do the sorting for you and you’ll be able to deal with your returns effectively. With Management System for Small Businesses, you can measure how much money you’re saving. For a number of years the costs have been falling, and the problem is only going to get better. While it’s true that the technology to process the bills and returns is expensive, it’s also necessary. You’re not going to get far if you don’t save time and money! The Management System for Small Businesses program is aimed at small and medium sized companies. IntelliSoft Inventory Management IntelliSoft Inventory Management is a product that allows you to keep a full and accurate record of all your inventory. It also has a number of functions to help you keep track of your sales, returns, and to know where and how you can get more from your inventory. Program Requirements: Windows 98/2000/XP/2003/NT/Vista. 1GHz Pentium III or better processor. 512MB or more of RAM. You must have the following… MS Office 2003, MS Office XP and MS Office 2000. Email program and Internet access. You must have a SQL Server and 1GB or more of free disk space on your computer. The installation file will be available only on the site What’s New: Version ———————— Fixed: – Minor typos. – Increased compatibility with MS Office 2003. Changed: – “Options” tab is now split. – Option to filter the tables is now available. – Minor visual changes. – Minor user interface changes. – Updated help. – Minor documentation changes. – Removed the erroneous “DLLs” entry from the “System

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