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Judoom is a minimalist, intuitive and powerful text editor. You can use it as a basic text editor (like Notepad on Windows) or use it for writing documents, web pages, emails, etc. It’s very easy to use, and it will provide you with many powerful features. With Judoom, you have immediate access to a tree-view explorer (the same explorer used for file management in Windows Explorer), which you can use to navigate through the documents. Judoom includes a set of commonly used document types, like Text, Rich Text, and HTML (XHTML, but XHTML is not supported out of the box). You can use Judoom as a basic Text editor to write documents in plain text, or you can use Judoom to write documents in HTML or XHTML. A powerful text editor (also called an IDE) for programming is what Judoom is most commonly used for. You can choose whether to write documents or programs in plain text or HTML, or you can use the powerful cross-platform programming language called JScript or another language, called Interlisp. The documents you write with Judoom will look as expected in every popular browser and webmail. You can use Judoom to write HTML documents, or you can use it to write Microsoft Word (.docx) files that you can open in any MS Office program. Judoom includes many of the most commonly used features that are typical of powerful text editors. You can use it to write documents, create a text file from scratch or edit existing text files. Judoom includes some of the most common features like: 1) A rich text editor (like a word processor), allowing you to write documents in plain text, HTML or a mixture of the two. 2) A tree-view explorer (Windows Explorer-like view of your files) 3) Powerful spell-checker (and online dictionaries). 4) File manager (with full FTP support). 5) A useful and intuitive undo manager. 6) Built-in spell checker and a fuzzy finder. 7) Markers, bookmark support, text find & replace, and some more. 8) A customizable help file. 9) A powerful scripting language called JScript (a scripting language for use in Internet Explorer). 10) Full Unicode support. Useful Features: – Write a document in a tree-view explorer, as though you were opening a folder in Windows Explorer. – Write a eea19f52d2
Efficcess Portable is an organizer program designed to make your life easier. It allows you to store a wide variety of information and helps you create reminders for events. This utility is ideal for both personal and business use. It can help you with any of your tasks and helps you manage your time effectively. Furthermore, Efficcess Portable allows you to create reminders for various events, including important meetings. The tool helps you manage tasks, handle calendar entries, keep track of contact information and even store personal notes, such as journal entries. You can customize the interface according to your preferences by enabling/disabling features, changing the interface theme or adding/removing items. The features can be accessed from the Main Window, which shows the main set of options available. The Main Window consists of six distinct tabs: Options, Event Planner, Task Manager, Address Book, Calendar and Diary. Supports multi-level reminders It is possible to set different reminders for the same event, such as reminders at the beginning, the middle or the end of the event. Supports detailed support for scheduling You can rely on the detailed support of this organizer program in order to create a schedule for events. For instance, you can specify dates, times and locations for your events. Features an intuitive interface The interface of this application is very intuitive and allows you to create reminders for any event without much of a hassle. Furthermore, the program provides a convenient reminder/notification mechanism that allows you to create reminders for various events or tasks. In case you wish to create a reminder, you need to enter the event title and the time at which you intend to create a reminder for it. Offers detailed features It is also possible to rely on Efficcess Portable to create a detailed schedule for events. For instance, you can specify specific dates, times and locations for your events. You can also rely on the reminder feature to create reminders for each event. You can also rely on the task manager feature of this program to help you manage and allocate your time. Furthermore, you can rely on the calendar view of this program to track down your planned events and tasks. Additionally, you can rely on the contact information manager and diary features to add miscellaneous information, such as email addresses, notes or appointments. Option to easily define groups It is also possible to rely on Efficcess Portable to create groups

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