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• Specially designed for restaurants and bars. • Multi-currency support. • Includes support for multiple languages. • Show / Hide products and categories. • Configurable reports. • Multiple payment gateways. • Supports online customers. • Easy navigation. • Show orders and invoices. • Export orders in CSV and PDF. • Multichannel integration. • Print invoices and daily reports. • Includes a barcode generator and an order tracking system. • Show product pictures. • Regular releases. • Customizable. • Easy to use. • Includes various special functionalities and more. By continuing, you consent to our cookies. If you want to learn more about what Superb Point of Sale is, you can view the video below or download the demo here: I am facing this issue when I am uploading any customer form template in PDF it doesn’t allow me to change text fields, and I am getting the error like “One of the file’s properties or dimensions is incorrect” Please help me to fix this issue. I’ve added the ad-type under the “editor” section in which I can choose between image, video and PDF. Is there anything else I should be setting or checking on? I’ve already made sure that I am logged in as the administrator user. This is a simple proof of concept for a webpart in SharePoint Online with Google Cloud SQL for storage. This webpart supports the Import/Export feature. Hello! It is a viber custom button. It is a responsive image. This version will not work on IE11. I tried it, and it works fine on Edge, Chrome, Firefox. But, when I tried it on IE11, there was an error that is “I/O Error from Server”, Is there a way to fix that? For an existing SharePoint site, I have created a list with three columns: Department, Product and Cost. For the fields Product and Cost, I have applied the Number and Percentage lookup columns. The value of these two columns is populated with a drop down from a lookup field eea19f52d2
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