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License Statistics is a browser-based program that can be used to monitor license usage in real-time or via log imports. It generates multiple types of reports and can be accessed from any location, at any time, as long as an Internet connection is available. License Statistics offers support for a number of license managers, enabling you to gather usage statistics and feature info from multiple sources. The full list of supported servers is available in the online documentation. License Statistics is capable of generating a wide range of reports that help you understand how licenses are being used in your company and see which features are set to expire. These reports include, among others, current users, real-time user count, current utilization, usage per user and expiring features. The main dashboard provides you with an overview of license usage, and charts and graphs are used to present the data more intuitively. Additionally, it is possible to import data from log files created by various license servers. A connection to the license server is not required, making this feature useful for billing or analyzing data from remote locations. License Statistics Highlights: -Widely customizable. Data can be filtered, updated and reset by column/value -Reports can be exported as: Microsoft Excel, PDF and CSV -The program can read and write to a number of different license management servers, including Dell, FIMS, Mitsubishi, Paessler, and Red Hat Linux -License Statistics supports virtually all licenses of all license management systems (LMS), including but not limited to: -Microsoft Active Directory -Remote Licensing -Dell License Server -FIMS License Server -Paessler License Server -Mitsubishi License Server -Red Hat Linux License Server License Statistics Pricing: License Statistics is available in a number of different editions (including Home, Business, Professional, and Enterprise) and pricing is based on your needs. Home, Business and Enterprise editions include all features, plus additional support, while Professional editions are geared more towards implementation (and are usually priced lower). License Statistics is available as a perpetual, monthly, yearly or discounted annual license. All versions have one time per year license upgrades. License Statistics User Interface: License Statistics is a browser-based application that provides a simple interface to manage, generate, and analyze reports. The program is designed for use from any Internet-connected computer and does not require access to a server. License Statistics offers a demo version, which can be