Privacy Badger is the first add-on that blocks all trackers, no matter where they are. It does so by making sure that a powerful, privacy-conscious network, Global Privacy Control (GPC), knows your wishes before a tracker gets any information about you. GPC has a strong, independent infrastructure, and it is governed by opt-in policies rather than opt-out preferences. Your browsing is being tracked and monetized by companies you are not aware of, and as such, your activities are not entirely in your control. However, with Privacy Badger, you can switch off, remove, or replace trackers in a convenient way. Privacy Badger is completely free, open source software, and you can get it at Privacy Badger is developed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), and it is powered by Do Not Track. This add-on is compatible with Firefox, Chrome, and Chromium. Features: • Completely free and open source software. • Download, install, and manage the add-on from the website. • Privacy Badger can block trackers on specific sites, domains, and even individual URLs. • You can unblock the Badger when desired. • Trackers are displayed by their colors, and the extension has a handy count, revealing the total number of trackers at a glance. • Click the Badger’s icon to toggle between the “normal” and “collapsed” view, letting you better read the badger’s feedback. • Stickers, accessible from the settings menu, give you a quick idea of the number of trackers at a glance. • You can blacklist domains, so they cannot track you, even if they are not blocked by other domains. • You can whitelist domains, so they will never be affected by the Badger. • Whitelisted domains will also never be affected by other domains. • You can whitelist individual URLs, so they are not affected by the Badger. • Whitelisted URLs are also immune to other domains. • You can modify the Badger’s settings to have it work the way you want. • You can view the full list of blocked trackers. • You can view a list of installed widgets. • You can choose how to sync data to avoid data theft. • You can set your preferences for new tabs, new windows, new incognito windows eea19f52d2
eFMer Wallpaper Changer is a desktop wallpaper manager that helps you quickly change background images with minimal effort. Clean design This utility comes with a very straightforward interface, consisting of a single window. The main panel displays information about the listed files (e.g. number of added images, file path). Also, all of its functions are shown in the same panel. eFMer Wallpaper Changer is so simple that it can be mastered by any type of users, professionals or beginners. Basically, all you have to do is choose the source folder, and the desktop manager will do the rest. Main functionality The program works with a wide range of image formats, such as BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, and TIFF. The tool allows a large number of pictures to be imported. The files can be added in the main panel using only the browse button since the drag-and-drop feature is not supported. eFMer Wallpaper Changer can be used to automatically change your desktop background after a certain amount of time (e.g. 30 minutes, 1 hour, 3 hours), or you can change it manually with the click of a mouse. The application is able to display the pictures in a random order, automatically scale the files to fit the screen, display the label window, and allow only images with JPG extension. Additional features eFMer Wallpaper Changer allows the desktop background to be stretched, centered, or tiled. The utility supports dual screens as well (you can use the default width and height values or set a custom resolution for each screen). Last but not least, you can run the tool at every Windows startup. Last few words Taking all things into consideration, eFMer Wallpaper Changer proves to be a reliable desktop wallpaper manager that can be set to automatically display a large number of images in a predefined or random order. Hey guys, I am new to these forums and I would like to contribute. I love this app and I think it has got great potential and is one of the best wallpaper changers around. I created this topic to get your feedback on the concept and the app and maybe also suggest things to improve it further. So here are some of the things that I think need to be improved. First of all I would like to mention that the app is a Windows 7 only. I do not know if it could be updated to support other Windows versions. The app has