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The SDK is released under a general licence, there is no charge for using it. Because of China’s ban of Facebook’s development on Mainland, users have to turn to another website, MAINAPP, to have Facebook’s services, such as currency, and much more. The Facebook that many chinese people use is called “MAINAPP”, a bit different from the original one. In my case, “MAINAPP” Facebook is blocked; I can 66cf4387b8
MausTV is an excellent VST plugin for Windows that helps you record videos of live performances you would like to share to either YouTube or your own website. You can record the screen as a h.264 or MOV file, and you can even capture the DirectX cursor you see or the system tray. You can use all the effects that the default Windows VST host provides, allowing the capture of various parameters like microphone volume, speaker volume, channel volume, mute, mono/stereo microphone signal, etc. Note that the plugin only records sound from the main MicroVapors is a virtual USB and