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The keymacro service is similar to Kaluma Agent. It recognizes connected boards and enables communication with the web-based Kaluma IDE. However, it differs in that it is a cross-platform service, meaning that it runs on a Windows and Mac machine. The platform, like Kaluma Agent, is the same, but it is packaged in the form of an app and installed on a Windows/Mac machine. Unlike Kaluma Agent, it does not require a device to run on, and it does not require user interaction. The app is simple in its use. After running it, the Kaluma Agent site is automatically opened and the Kaluma IDE’s JavaScript framework is loaded. Any connected boards appear under Devices. Now, when connected, you’ll notice that, depending on the board, you can start a debugging session. This feature varies per board and programming language. To see a list of supported boards, check this page. You’ll notice the following four icons at the top right: The first three icons are general settings, such as sound volume, as well as restarting the app. The final icon is the connectivity status. The Settings icon is used to change the following settings: The first option is used to choose how the Kaluma Agent application will open on startup. You can choose either “Always open” or “Open on demand”. If you select the former option, the app will always be open; if you select the latter, the app will be open when you manually start it. The second option lets you chose if Kaluma Agent will use your computer’s system sounds or not. If you choose to use system sounds, you’ll be able to hear the sounds on Mac and Windows 10. If you choose to use no system sounds, you won’t be able to hear any sounds. The third option lets you set how the Kaluma IDE is loaded upon the start of the app. You can choose either “Using web browser” or “Using Desktop/Browser”. If you select the former option, the IDE will be loaded using your web browser. If you choose the latter, you’ll be able to see the IDE itself, albeit minimized to your task bar, and you can execute commands manually, if you’d like. The Connectivity icon is used to set the connection status with your device. In the settings, you can also set your Kaluma Agent password. The first option is used to specify what the app will do when it is disconnected from your device 70238732e0 IndianPharmacopoeia2014FullVersionpdf
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Provides a new interface in which the GUI is designed using the “smart interface” approach, being composed by standard screens: Home, Apps, Help, Statistics. The app has two search engines: Google and a custom one, generated from the VBScript. The app is very light in use, consuming just a couple of MB of memory and can be used as a background program in laptops. KEYMACRO’s main features are the following: – Instant access to the Google and a custom search engine. – Provides the IP address of the device, the LAN and WAN IP address, MAC and Ip address, and the various other information about the network that you can get from the ‘net. – Can work as a network analyzer, providing a “view” of the network in real time. – Can work as a port scanner, able to identify all the hosts that are open to traffic on your network. – Comes with a firewall that can be used to block all the traffic that can enter or exit from the network. – Can work as a port mapping utility, able to set the state of the services on all the IPs in the LAN. – Can work as a port mapping utility, able to set the state of the services on all the IPs in the LAN. – Provides an application analyzer, able to discover the service name and version of the installed programs. – Can work as a reverse DNS server, being able to provide the reverse DNS of all the IPs. – Provides a hostscan service, being able to check all the hosts in a range of IP addresses. – Provides an IP pool to be used in conjunction with other programs, able to distribute the network load and increase the speed. – Can work as a virus checker. It can detect the latest virus on your system and remove them. – Can work as a spy tool, being able to monitor all the devices in the network. – Can work as a MAC scanner, able to search for any MAC address in a LAN. – Can work as an antivirus engine, being able to scan the files and programs of any computer. – Can work as a port scanner, being able to identify all the open ports in the system. – Can work as a Web server, being able to create a Web site with just a couple of mouse clicks. – Can work as a Web server, being able to create a Web site

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