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Final Selection is an easy-to-use, powerful and intuitive software designed for managing photo albums. It has the capabilities of organizing and exporting different photos into many popular formats. It can help you to add customized text or pictures and geotag your photos. You can also categorize and edit your albums using star rating or color. If you are using a smartphone, you will be able to upload your photos to Facebook, Flickr and other social media sites. NFS GRUB – Easy to use boot loader for DOS NFS GRUB is a freely available, powerful, multiboot boot loader for DOS, providing a simple graphical user interface for computer users, including beginners. It provides all the tools necessary to build your own customized multiboot system, which can load up to a maximum of 8 operating systems and the DOS operating system. NFS GRUB will allow you to create your own boot menu on a hard drive and will give you all the tools you need to easily select the operating system of your choice, which can be used from floppy disk, CD-ROM or a hard drive. For more information about NFS GRUB go to Features of NFS GRUB: Ø Easy to use graphical user interface. Ø Supports loading up to a maximum of 8 operating systems. Ø Supports loading of boot sectors from CD-ROM. Ø Supports loading of boot sectors from floppy disk. Ø Supports loading of boot sectors from hard drive. Ø Works on all versions of DOS (FAT, FAT32, VFAT, NTFS) with or without NTFS boot sector. Ø Supports loading of multiboot files created with multiboot2.exe. Ø Supports loading of files created with GRUB 1.5. Ø Supports loading of files created with GRUB 2.0. Ø Supports loading of boot sectors from hard drive. Ø Loads Windows 3.11, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating systems. Ø Loads Linux operating systems (available for download). Ø Loads BeOS operating systems. Ø Loads the DOS operating system (available for download). Ø Loads unbootable operating systems such as UBCD4DOS, Freeware for DOS, 7-Tools, Lilo, WinPE, LRS, DOSBOX, eea19f52d2
AirWiki enables you to create an easy-to-use personal wiki that is ideal for saving your work, thoughts and ideas. It is a simple application that enables you to save your ideas and works in a database and access them anytime, anywhere. It is a lightweight and fast application with powerful search capabilities and tagging. Adobe Reader® 9.2, the free Adobe Reader® Viewer, offers new PDF preview features that enable you to get a close-up look at, and even zoom in and out of, any page in a PDF document. The new features in Reader 9.2 are especially helpful when you want to make critical decisions about your document. The new features include: ■ New Page Zoom Viewer: Quickly view a page at a larger scale than the view that was active when the document was opened. ■ New Double Page Zoom Viewer: Zoom in and out of the current page and the page on either side of it. ■ New Page Area of Interest Viewer: Access the area on a page that is of interest to you. The direct relation between Human and Cloud Computing can be demonstrated by artificial intelligence as a service (AaaS), big data and the “Cloud”. The key to realization of the relations are semantic cloud information and semantic cloud services. This article aims to bring up the issues surrounding the semantic information cloud and semantic cloud services in order to find the research directions for semantic cloud information and semantic cloud services. The directions mainly include a discussion on the definitions and characteristics of cloud computing and cloud information. In addition, the issues and characteristics are also discussed with respect to the differences between the semantic information cloud and the semantic cloud services. In addition, various technical obstacles in the application of the semantic information cloud are analyzed, and the directions for solving these obstacles are also presented. In this new BizTalk Environment Update 2011 (UE) release, two brand new modules have been introduced: the Information Tracking module and the Logging/Tracking module. These new modules are available for BizTalk Server and BizTalk 2004, BizTalk 2006, and BizTalk 2009 ERP. The first new module, Information Tracking, can be used to store various types of tracking data, such as customer visits, calls, and meetings. This data is used to drive many types of Business Intelligence, such as dashboards and BI scorecards. The Information Tracking module allows for many types of tracking to be stored