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1-2-3PDFConverter is a Windows utility whose purpose is to help you convert PDF files to Word, Excel, image or PostScript formats. Clean looks A wizard-like assistant guides you throughout the entire configuration process so you need to follow the built-in steps in order to complete the process. There’s support for video tutorials and help manual in case you want to find out more about the tool’s conversion capabilities. Batch conversions You are given the freedom to select the PDF files that you want to convert. 1-2-3PDFConverter offers support for batch processing which means you can convert multiple documents simultaneously. On the downside, you cannot build up a list with the target files and remove some from the conversion process in case you change your mind. Output settings When it comes to output tweaks, you can select the output file path, open the document at the end of the conversion, as well as process all pages or only user-defined page numbers. If you want to convert your PDFs to a Word format (DOC or RTF file format), the app lets you choose between different layout profiles. More specifically, you can opt for flowing text (it retains page layout, columns, formatting, and graphics), text (it keeps only the text flow), or formatted text (it discards images, layout and column settings). Plus, you may produce an exact copy of your PDF file. Other important settings worth being mentioned enable you to remove images or retain their position, and get rid of character spacing. 1-2-3PDFConverter helps you convert PDF files to XLS file format and split multiple pages with lines, as well as transform documents into image files (PCX, PPM, PBM, PNG, BMP, JPG, PNM, or TIFF). Furthermore, you can extract photos from PDF files, open the document at the end of a conversion task, log data, and embed text watermarks. Encrypted files can also be processed, in case you know the right password. Conclusion and performance assessment All in all, 1-2-3PDFConverter gathers several useful functions under its hood but it still needs some GUI polishing to make the conversion process easier to handle. It provides very good output results when it comes to images but table data is messed up in a Word output file. If you have any comments, questions, feedback or suggestions, please use the eea19f52d2
Let us suppose that you have installed and configured Windows on your hard disk. You want to keep the program manager as it is and would like to get rid of the majority of applications as well as their configurations. Is this possible? What can you do in this situation? AfterFORMAT solves all these issues. You may skip all the necessary steps involved with installing and configuring applications as well as the need to keep track of them. A simple button click is all it takes to make a Windows installation as new as it was when you had installed it for the first time. When you are about to do something in your home network, there is no doubt about which machine you should use. AfterFORMAT provides you with the best solution, as the best software to run on your PC is always going to be the one which is fastest, most reliable and secure. It works like a charm. AfterFORMAT supports Windows 8.1 and newer operating systems. Please follow the link to get the AfterFORMAT installer. 4 Comments Howdy! I’m writing to ask you for some technical assistance on my website. I’d like to make it easier for people to view the names of the apps they have installed. What I’d like to have is a drop down box next to each app to list the apps name. I’d like to make this easily changeable by the website owner. I don’t want to change any code, only how the names are output. I understand PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript and SQL. Could you please help me with this? I would assume you want to use the WordPress plugin and hook to display the Apps Names. I don’t know the WordPress code well but I’m sure it is possible. H.J. is a German IT security expert, consultant and trainer. Since 2011 he publishes regularly information about IT security and privacy. H.J. has been awarded as Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) and is listed in the Top 25 IT experts of Gizmodo. H.J.’s professional experience includes trainings, computer and network audits and penetration tests for customers like Deutsche Post, Deutsche Telekom, Mercedes-Benz, Pfizer, KDDI, Hitachi and Evernote. He blogs regularly at and is known for his talk How to pick your web hosting service (Spe

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