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MapEdit++ is an Open Source GPS tool that has been developed for editing and analyzing GPS maps. MapEdit++ helps you to view, modify and analyse GPS maps. Its editing functionality includes, record, playback, move and copy tracks, route calculation and creation, save/load files and project creation. MapEdit++ file format: MapEdit++ allows GPS maps to be imported and exported in a format similar to that of the format used by the Editor for the World Atlas. This makes it easy to move your maps between various Editor versions. There is a MapEdit++ importer available that can import maps created by several other GPS tools. MapEdit++ users have often asked for a MapEdit++ export tool. MapEdit++ can export maps in MapEdit++ format. MapEdit++ can also export all of its own track information in its format, the MapEdit++ format. It is possible to convert any MapEdit++ track information to the MapEdit++ format, and vice versa. MapEdit++ vs other GPS Tools: MapEdit++ is a powerful tool that provides a range of editing functions. In addition to these MapEdit++ offers a number of possibilities for analysing GPS tracks. The functionality is comparable with that of more costly systems, although MapEdit++ is free software. It is one of the most complete Open Source GPS tools available. MapEdit++ Download: MapEdit++ has a quick and easy way to get started. Just click on the MapEdit++ download link on this page. Features of MapEdit++: User friendly editor This MapEdit++ editor is easy to use. It is designed to be used by people without advanced computer skills. All of the controls are easy to use. Different visual modes MapEdit++ has the ability to change the way you view GPS maps. Automatic project loading Projects are automatically loaded in MapEdit++. The project can be saved to disk or loaded again from disk. The track data will be maintained. Automatic track moving Track edits are moved to the correct position in the loaded project. Automatic track unloading Tracks are unloaded when they are no longer needed. Automatic track copy Moves and copies tracks. Tracks can be labeled Tracks can be labeled by type. Tracks can be hidden Tracks can be hidden by type. Exporting Tracks to a file Export your tracks to a file. Export the Project MapEdit eea19f52d2
Weltenschaft is a free tool that allows users to create random terrain. You can edit a number of sliders to change the amount of hills, humidity, and other environment factors that will affect the overall appearance of the map. All of these options are very easy to adjust, even though there is a slight learning curve at first. Once you get the hang of it, you can create some fantastic results with Weltenschaft. At the upper right hand side of your account, you will see the Create Map button. A window will appear with the type of map you would like to make. You can make a level like in a survival game, a fictional world, or a brand new world, or even just the ground. This will create a white, medium-sized rectangular map that you can then edit by adjusting the sliders and other options below. 1. Map Type The Map Type will determine which of the 12 different map types you wish to use. By default, it will be a normal map but it can also be any of the other 11 types. It will only affect the other settings and doesn’t affect the actual map at all. You can have any number of maps in your project. 2. Input Slider The Input Slider will allow you to change the amount of hills, valleys, and other factors. If you want a flat area, you will need to put a low number in this slider. If you want lots of hills, you will want to put a higher number in this slider. In this slider, you can also change the number of lakes, rivers, oceans, and so on. 3. Output Slider This is the same thing as the Input Slider but for the output. In this slider, you can change the size of the map and the degree of randomization. You can also change the output sliders for the generated map. By default, the size will be medium and the randomization amount will be low. If you want a big map and lots of randomization, change the output sliders to their highest settings. 4. Water This slider will determine the amount of water in the map. The default setting will be for there to be water in most of the map but you can change it to make it either all land or all water. You can change the colors of this as well if you want. 5. Tiled This slider determines if you want the

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