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Collabtive is a web application for project management, task management, scheduling and resource management. It can be used to track projects and manage tasks, time tracking, files, email, tasks, people, surveys and many other things. Here you can: Start and manage projects. Manage tasks, people and resources Assign tasks to people Set project due dates and deliver a project Monitor tasks in real time. Keep a calendar, activity log and manage tasks from within the browser. Import files in various formats. Manage billing for projects and resources. Export reports to CSV, XLS, XLSX, PDF, HTML and SVG. Generate RSS feeds and export data to XLS. Import calendar from Google and Yahoo! and make Gantt charts. Create tasks and milestones. Add comments and attachments. This project has been created by the talented team behind Hype Project Management. This project is hosted on our dedicated server. The server is hosted on a cloud server in the UK, hosted on a 1and1 control panel. We’ve been working on the cloud version of our product for almost 2 years. The project has been running on the cloud version for the last 6 months. The project is licensed under the GPL license and the source code is available from GitHub. We are always on the lookout for great ideas! If you have any feedback, ideas or suggestions for our project, feel free to contact us. We’re very open to ideas and look forward to hearing from you! The project has been tested on Google Chrome Internet Explorer Firefox Adobe Flash Safari A: Great idea! I like the feedback from other users in the screenshot – very good suggestions. I’ll try out the other browsers and see if I can make them behave the way you want. If you want to know if your idea is bad, just ask on one of the open source chat rooms. See for a chat room. We are always on the lookout for great ideas! If you have any feedback, ideas or suggestions for our project, feel free to contact us. We’re very open to ideas and look forward to hearing from you! A: “My feedback is that I do like the look eea19f52d2
Get live feedback from Twitch chat! Chatterino is a fully featured, lightning fast Twitch chat client that helps you keep track of your status while watching Twitch. From chat rooms to single player, this user-friendly app is capable of doing anything that your browser can do. Best of all, it’s completely free and is loaded with tons of features. Works with in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera! Chat with multiple Twitch users at once, or just one! Quickly jump to your favorite chat rooms and all the chat rooms on the site with one click. Chatterino is available on both Windows and Mac! Want to listen to music while chatting? Chatterino supports background music so you can enjoy your favorite music while Twitch streaming. Chatterino Requirements: OS: Windows, Mac Internet: The Chatterino app needs to connect to the Twitch site to help you with chat, otherwise, it will be pretty much useless. Chatterino is a featherweight and useful piece of software that allows you to chat with your fellow Twitch users directly from your computer’s desktop. It’s meant to provide you with an extended version of the Twitch web chat, but the app’s main highlight is definitely the fact that it offers a faster solution than the classic one which involves you having to use a web browser. As expected, in order to use the app you are required to first authorize Chatterino to use your account or skip this step altogether if you’re aiming to chat as a guest user. Chat with other Twitch members with the help of this novice-accessible utility Once logged in, you are bound to discover the app’s fairly non-impressive, tabbed interface user interface. It shortly becomes evident that the interface is the element that has been sacrificed for increased speed, as well as for obtaining a lightweight package. New channels or chat sessions can be added by simply clicking plus button from the top toolbar. There are two extra buttons located on the left side of the toolbar, one helps you access the accounts section, while the other launches the Preferences menu. Packs a surprising number of customization features Even though it may not look the part, the app stacks a relatively impressive set of customization options. You can add as many accounts as you like (although, it’s worth pointing out that using multiple accounts with the same IP is a straight way of getting suspended on Twitch), choose one of

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