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The VidiCable app allows users to download videos and convert them for other devices. The app allows for downloading from various online video services, including YouTube, Netflix, Vevo, Dailymotion, Livestream and many more. VidiCable requires an active Internet connection and can be used in a mobile or a desktop mode. The app allows downloading of various videos, and converting them to an iPhone and iPod Touch supported file format. You can use this app to download your favorite online videos and convert them to an iPhone and iPod Touch compatible file format. It’s time to recycle, cut down on waste and just be better stewards of the earth. It is time to get started on becoming more sustainable in your daily life, and the simplest way to start with a smaller carbon footprint is through the new Bay Area Green Meetup group. Who is the Bay Area Green Meetup group? The Bay Area Green Meetup group is a group of people who are interested in environmental issues, alternative energy, recycling, and other sustainable living techniques. This group is created to bring together people who are also interested in learning and discussing about ways to improve our environment. By getting together with this group, you can contribute to your community by educating yourself and others about the green lifestyle. Join this group of sustainable-minded people who are interested in environmental issues, alternative energy, recycling, and other sustainable living techniques. This group will meet monthly on the first Friday of the month at 6:30 pm at the Wellness Connection in Piedmont. It will meet for an hour and will begin with a short presentation by our facilitator, Sheri McDonald, followed by a Q & A session. This event is not open to members of the Wellness Connection only to members of Bay Area Green Meetup. *Everyone in this group is required to attend ALL of the meetings and discussions, including the 6:30 pm meetings. *There will be no exceptions for “no show” or “lateness” for members of this group. *Please feel free to sign up for an account here if you haven’t already done so. *Members of this group will not be allowed to join the Wellness Connection membership group. *This group is open to people of all walks of life. No pressure or set agenda. You’re free to just come listen and participate in discussions. You’re also free to go at any time. *This group is