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gOpenMol is a graphical user interface to many of the powerful, and very widely used, tools available in the field of computational chemistry. Most of these tools provide ways to visualize and analyze molecule structures, properties, and interactions, as well as small molecule structures and properties. With gOpenMol you can get a glimpse at the overall structure and properties of many kinds of molecules, and also the energy of small molecule conformations. Advanced Graphical Options: gOpenMol features many graphical options, including the use of color and transparency to visualize molecules and properties, as well as a custom molecule placement for labeling certain parts of a molecule. You can also save and load the graphical layout of your molecules in many different formats. Getting Started: gOpenMol is simple to use. To get started, just enter the command prompt and type: @start gopenmol gOpenMol contains an extensive help system, with a help file for each command. You can also get the help using the command: @help The Help Section: The command-line help system provides an overview of gOpenMol’s commands, as well as the more detailed explanations of each command. Commands: @start – Initializes the program. @help – Displays the list of commands. @version – Displays the version information. @read – Display a list of commands (description of each command is listed). @info – Displays a detailed list of commands, including a description of each command. @quit – Closes the program. @list – Display list of structures saved in the directory of the current working directory. @load – Load a file that contains structures saved as PLT files (e.g., MDLmol). @save – Save a file that contains structures saved as PLT files (e.g., MDLmol). @convert – Convert a file to a given format. @filter – Filter molecules. @listmol – List all molecules in a given directory. @order – Create a list of molecules ordered by the number of hydrogen atoms. @orderrot – Create a list of molecules ordered by the number of hydrogen atoms and then rotated by a given angle. @cls – Clear the current graphical layout of molecules. @deldir – Delete a directory. @editpyr – Create a new graphical layout of a molecule using the currently available molecule structures. eea19f52d2
eReader is an ultra-simplistic software application that gives you the possibility to open ebooks with the text document format to read them on the screen. It doesn’t come equipped with any kind of configuration parameters, so it can be handled by all types of users, whether they have previous experience with such tools or not. Ad-supported application The setup procedure doesn’t take a long time to finish. However, since it’s ad-supported, eReader offers to download and install third-party components that it doesn’t actually need to work properly. These modules can be excluded to make a clean installation, though. Simple interface and options The GUI is user-friendly, consisting of a plain-looking window with a clear-cut structure, where you can open a.txt file using the file dialog that automatically pops up. Once a file is opened, you can read the text on the screen and use the mouse scrollwheel or arrow keys to navigate pages. eReader doesn’t actually separate the pages but provides you with a continuous viewing mode instead. There are no other noteworthy options provided by this software utility. Download links (PDF download): Miller (American football) Roger D. Miller (born June 11, 1950) is a former American football wide receiver and kickoff returner who played in the National Football League. He was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the eleventh round (282nd overall) of the 1973 NFL Draft. He played college football at Fresno State. Miller was also a member of the Oakland Raiders and the Los Angeles Rams. Category:1950 births Category:Living people Category:American football wide receivers Category:American football return specialists Category:Fresno State Bulldogs football players Category:Pittsburgh Steelers players Category:Oakland Raiders players Category:Los Angeles Rams players Category:Sportspeople from Lansing, Michigan Category:Players of American football from MichiganValidation of a race-specific multiplex PCR method to detect Bovine herpesvirus 1 and 2 DNA in animal semen. The importance of equine and bovine viral pathogens in the management of artificial insemination (AI) programs has prompted us to develop a reliable and valid PCR assay to detect and differentiate bovine herpesvirus 1 (BHV-