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ASP.NET Image Converter SDK Component is a handy kit aimed at developers who want to integrate an image converter within their ASP.NET-based desktop or Web apps. The component should enhance an application by providing a way of converting a picture, no matter its format, to a wide range of image formats. Also, it should support conversion to the PDF format as well, for both single or multi-page files. As for the supported formats, they appear to be plenty and diverse. The component should help you process some of the popular formats like TIF, JPEG PNG, BMP, GIF as well as less common ones – TGA, PGX, MNG, AWR, RAW, etc. Furthermore, multi-page TIF images should be easily converted to the multi-page PDF format, without any content loss. The kit includes the ASP.NET c#2019 and ASP.NET c#2010 sample code, and it’s compatible with all programming languages that support the.NET framework(C#, F#, J#, VB.NET, etc) To sum it up, ASP.NET Image Converter SDK Component could be a competent solution for any developer who wants to build an image conversion standalone program or to integrate image conversion features into more complex applications.Read, Shop & Share Everything on Wheels Shop Mitsubishi Xpander The Mitsubishi Xpander is a looker, but it isn’t the way to get from A to B. If you’re looking for a minivan but don’t like the stigma that comes with a minivan, the Xpander could be right up your alley. The 5-seater is only available with all-wheel drive, and it is the first model in the world to make use of Mitsubishi’s new “Expanded Axle System,” which includes an all-new wide-track front suspension. The exterior is more restrained than other Mitsubishi models with lots of chrome accented with brushed stainless steel. A tri-tone stripe runs along the bottom and is echoed by an array of reflective stripes on the front grille. There are seven available exterior colors, including titanium white. Inside, the Xpander offers two lines of seats and five seating positions, all of which are designed to match the sporty look. The sport seats are covered in leather with red stitching, and the seating is placed in front of an attractive console between the eea19f52d2
GUSC (an abbreviation for “Gulp Unlimited Sandbox Check”) is an open source project that intends to change the concept of Sandboxie by allowing an unlimited number of sandbox instances to run. Although being completely free, the sandboxing software has had a commercial license available for several years. Key features include: • Allow an unlimited number of Sandboxie instances, all with their own UI. • A central repository for browser plugins that can be deployed via a setup script. • Extra check for your browser and plugins. • Inbuilt installer for Sandboxie which delivers Firefox and IE plugins as well as Sandboxie and GUSC to the system. • Large online database of plugins and themes for GUSC. • Advanced technology and security features. • Dynamic updating of the lists of checked plugins and themes. • A web based Sandboxie. • Setup with PHP and Perl on the web server. • A web based plugin editor (allows you to edit plugins/themes). • Sandboxie is NOT required and is NOT installed automatically. • Works on Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/Win7. Note: GUSC needs a new Windows user name and password, and you’ll be asked to enter them during the installation, and periodically during updates. This is because GUSC is designed to be used on servers. It’s a pleasant surprise that the first month went without any issues in terms of updates. So far, we’ve only used the version 1.0 of GUSC. While the community edition contains more features, it also comes with an open source license. If you’re planning to purchase the full version, it’s better to do so if you’re planning to have a single click installation of GUSC, instead of having to manually edit the installation files. How to download and install: *If you have Windows 7 (or above), then it is easy. Just go to: GUSC Download *If you have Windows XP, Vista, then download and install GUSC from: GUSC Download *Also see: GUSC on SuperSite If you happen to own a Mac, you can start by downloading it from here. As for the Windows version, there’s currently no direct download, so you have to go through the “Composer” link

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