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What is new in this version: Added an option to turn on or off the frame that stays on top of other windows. Added an option to switch the interface language to English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Czech and Croatian. You can now add more than 2 presets, thanks to the new Preset Manager. If you decide to uninstall, you will no longer be asked to remove 1 additional application when you are uninstalling Moo0 Image Sharpener. File Photo Image Sharpener for Windows 2000/XP/2003 File Photo Image Sharpener is a program that allows users to convert JPG, BMP, GIF and PNG to a much sharper and more beautiful image format. The software is easy to install, use and navigate. Powerful and feature-rich The installation procedure is straightforward and simple. Although the setup wizard asks you to confirm the uninstallation of 2 other programs, it does not interfere with your work, since the software is not installed on your PC. The program allows the creation of a batch file that allows you to apply a filter to multiple files in a single operation. The software is relatively easy to use, thanks to its simple and intuitive interface. Apply single or batch sharpening The interface is available in 2 different colors (blue and green), and in both the single or batch mode. The user will be able to determine the type of sharpening he wants to apply on images: single or batch. Batch mode allows you to add an unlimited number of images in order to apply a sharpening action on all of them. In addition, the software will automatically use the optimal settings for your system. The levels of sharpness and clarity are adjustable in real time, thanks to the built-in preview mode. More sharpening options and settings The tool offers a number of tools for sharpening images, such as auto, full strength, medium, and less strength. The various settings are adjustable in real time, thanks to the built-in preview mode. In addition, the program also offers the possibility of applying white or black enhancements, which can improve the contrast and enhance the exposure of the image. Conclusions File Photo Image Sharpener for Windows 2000/XP/2003 is a good utility that can enhance the appearance of JPG, BMP, GIF and PNG images. The software is easy to use and includes several sharpening features. In addition, it offers more than 50 possible settings for sharpening. Free Cartoon Image Sharp