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Remora USB Disk Guard is a handy application that allows you to protect the files stored on a removable device by encrypting them. It is a useful tool for any user who stores confidential documents on their USB disk. If you want to protect your documents you can use the password protection offered by certain applications such as Microsoft Office. However, this method can only be applied to certain file types and a skilled user can easily find a tool for breaking it. Another way to protect the stick content is to use a locker that completely prevents users from accessing the files and folders. While this method can protect all the file types, it completely blocks the stick usage for anyone that does not have a password. When you need to protect only a part of the included files and allow other users to access the rest, you can use Remora USB Disk Guard. It encrypts only the information from the specified files and does not prevent other users from accessing the content of the device. Although anyone can see and attempt to open the encrypted files, their content is unreadable and can only be decrypted by the user with the appropriate password. The application needs to be installed on the removable device and ran only when you need to encrypt or decrypt the file. The access to the program can be restricted with a password in order to prevent unauthorized access. In our tests, the app successfully encrypted several files and the content of an entire folder. Unfortunately, it failed to shut down properly and we had to forcefully close its process. The encrypted files were not affected as they still required the encryption password to be accessed. Although you might encounter some error messages during its runtime, Remora USB Disk Guard can still be used for protecting your files. Unfortunately, it is not actively supported which makes it impossible to solve the potential encryption problems. What’s New Version 2.30: Fixed a problem when Remora USB Disk Guard closes unexpectedly. Version 2.29: Fixed the problem of a possible data loss caused by the process. Version 2.28: Fixed a problem with the program running. Version 2.27: Added the ability to customize the encryption process. Version 2.26: Fixed the problem with the program running. Version 2.25: Now Remora USB Disk Guard is supporting a new feature – adding files to the backup list. What’s New eea19f52d2
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