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Key Macro in Excel helps you to record your custom macro. Create your new macros with ease without having to make the difficult choice of whether to write a macro or not. And it’s all done within your Excel workbook. Key Macro in Excel can be used to automate any Excel task. From creating a new workbook, to inserting text into a cell, to creating a drop down list from a range of values, to copying a sheet, Key Macro in Excel can do it all. A simple plug in, Key Macro in Excel makes macros more powerful and easier to use than ever before. Do you want to create a Macro to automatically update your spreadsheet when a new row is added to your database? You can create your own macro to automate these tasks. With Key Macro in Excel, you can develop your own custom macros without having to learn programming languages like VBA. Key Macro in Excel is an all-in-one plug in for Excel allowing you to quickly and easily create a wide range of macros to automate and customize Excel. Key Macro in Excel allows you to: * Automate all kinds of Excel tasks, including * Set up the reference to all kind of Excel objects * Automate any Excel action, even you want to copy a sheet to another workbook, create a new workbook, create a new sheet, insert text into a cell or go to a range of cell and copy values of this range * Create your own formulas or customize them for your specific needs * Add your own macros to your workbooks * Set up macros to get data from database * Record all macros on your Excel workbook Key Macro in Excel can be used to create the following macros: * Add a new sheet * Add a new workbook * Insert text in a cell * Create a new worksheet * Copy a sheet * Copy a range of cells * Select data from a database * Select data from a database and get values from the column Key Macro in Excel can be used to create the following formulas: * Insert a simple formula, for example A1 = B1 + C1 * Insert a function, for example A1 = B1 + C1 * Set a formula to a range of cells * Set a formula to multiple cells * Find function of a range of cells * Insert multiple formulas, for example A1 = B1 + C1 A2 = B2 + C2 * Find a range of

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