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*No Windows installation required* *Very simple to use* *4 preset filters for quick results* *Comes in different languages* The screen recorder gives you access to a built-in the Linux system, which allows you to take snapshots of the entire screen, the application windows, the desktop, the mouse pointer, the keyboard, and all the other system elements, and share them with other users, all the way from your mobile phone. You can also record your desktop video and save it in a variety of formats. Your friends can then simply open the images from any computer and view them in the web browser. The screen recorder has a built-in web server that allows you to get to all the generated images. You can use the web interface to manage all the captured images, install applications to record your desktop video and other system elements. You can also record any fullscreen movie, be it an MPEG, AVI or MPG file in any of the available formats. iScreen’s interface offers a set of useful features to help you easily customize and personalize the interface, including different background colors, the use of a blur effect, and a choice of background images. PixScreen is a powerful screen capture tool that is intended to make screen captures as easy as possible. With PixScreen you can easily select and copy portions of your screen and save them as images or video files. PixScreen Description: * No need to launch any software, just run it* * 8 simple steps that cover all of the options you need to capture* * Reduces time spent on your desk* * Capture any area on your desktop or anywhere else on your screen* * No need to adjust settings* * Easily move through your captured areas* * Save the screen capture to a clipboard* * Multiple screenshots and files* PixScreen is simple, easy to use, fast, and powerful. It has the following features: – Easy to use interface, only 6 easy steps to capture what you need – Good accessibility, a screen capture tool should always be accessible, not one that will require some understanding of the underlying technology to operate. – No need to launch any other software, just run it. – Easy to use, 8 simple steps to capture what you need, not a lot of options. – Good accessibility, no need to understand the underlying technology to operate. – eea19f52d2
SwordBible is a comprehensive yet easy-to-learn application that comes bundled with an extensive collection of Bible chapters, some more known than others, attach personal notes and manage your bookmarks. It also features an interactive game and easy access to the verse lists. Change the look of the interface: The provided layout is modern and neatly structured in a record tree on the left side of the panel, a detailed view of the chapter, along with a lexicon search, on the right. At the bottom a basic editor lets you create memos for the current file. The panes can be closed from sight with ease, for a simpler look. It’s possible to copy the whole content to the clipboard and use it further in your projects, as well as change the reading appearance colors, for both the text and the background. Search terms in the vocabulary and write important notes: Plus, you can compare multiple verses and look for unknown words, using the built-in lexicon. The view may be switched between Bible, commentary, and normal modes, and study the daily devotional page. For annotating personal thoughts, the word processor at the bottom, lets you copy and paste text from another source, and customize it with font types, colors, sizes, and styles, to best represent you. Test your knowledge with the Scripture game: From the same window, the books tab gives you a choice to read several interesting books and browse through its chapters, using the next and back arrows. A nice addition is the Scripture challenge, which is similar with the Hangman, where you have to pick the verse range (e.g. entire Bible, OT, people), read the shown passage, and select the correct letters before the human is complete. Features: – Various Bible-related views – Searching the right verse, book, people, and chapters – Bookmarks – Exporting the data – Configurable font, color, size, bold, italic – All theme settings and styles – Biblical font substitutions – Easy navigation and cross-references with bookmarks – Commentaries by Leemax, Tyndale, New American Standard Bible, and others – User’s manual -…and more! SwordBible Free Version: For a free version, SwordBible has been limited to one kind of look, and it can be installed only once on your device. If you want to remove the banner, you have to purchase a