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Wotja is a free, cross-platform software (Mac OS X, Windows) that generates music on your computer, similar to what a DJ does. A tool for music lovers, novices, or music connoisseurs. In three easy steps you can start creating music: • Choose the sample, you like best and the synth you want to use (drums, bass, lead, etc.) • The program generates a melody (melody for the drums) and the rest is up to you (key, bass, leads, etc.). • The program lets you generate a preview track with all the instruments created, so you can check if your work is in the right place. • Play with the samples in different types of modes (drums, bass, leads, arpeggios, etc.). Create a personalized soundtrack or use a preset (drums, bass, lead, etc.) • Use presets you have downloaded, created by the community. • Drag and drop with drag and drop the MIDI data for each part to the generator. • Generate a file ready to export. • You can save your compositions as MIDI files, playlists, playlists with automatic mixes, or even save them in audio format. • Wotja has a wide range of instruments and generators (drums, bass, lead, synth, etc.) that you can add to your composition to get different results. Moreover, you can play with the 130+ parameters for generative music creation. Try different music oscillators (like Macro Oscillator 1) and synthesizers, or custom script your compositions with code to obtain the desired sound effects. Another cool feature of Wotja is the audio engine (ISE), which allows you to control sounds (drums, synth, bass, lead, etc.). You can adjust the volume, play with the controls, and even send MIDI notes. Learn more about MIDI and audio synthesis: • Learn MIDI (introductory, for beginners). • Learn about sound synthesis. Wotja allows you to create your personal soundtrack (drums, bass, lead, etc.). In addition, you can save it in various formats and export your tracks as MIDI files. To create a composition, you must select a sample, a synth, and the rhythm. The rest is up to you. Use different generators, oscillators, and synthesizers to create your sound. Use MIDI data to import your sounds and adjust

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* Sound 1.3.2 Macros * Key macros for rapid MIDI input * Advanced MIDI velocity effects * High pass filtering and rolling * Midi out support (including support for sending the g711 ulaw codec) * MIDI time signature support * Virtual instrument emulation * Controller mapping (Mac only) * Mainly designed for Macs with a Logic plugin (unless it is very old) * 4MB * iOS 5 and up Developer’s description: Sound 1.3.2 Macros is a tool that allows you to record and playback MIDI input while performing a series of musical actions, using the Mac OS X Control Strip. * Press and hold keys on the keyboard and control strips are shown in the top of the screen * Click the key and play a note * Click the strip and play a sequence of notes * You can record for as long as you want or select a file to save it to * Currently included: • Key macros for rapid MIDI input • High pass filtering and rolling • MIDI time signature support • Virtual instrument emulation * MIDI Out support * Controller mapping (Mac only) * An emulated Arturia Microbrute that sounds great * Inclusion of sample sets designed for use with Sound 1.3.2 and Sound 1.3.3 * Available in your Mac App Store! APP RECOMMENDED USERS: • Sound 1.3.2 and Sound 1.3.3. * In the Mac App Store: • OS X 10.10 and higher * In the App Store: • iOS 8 and higher Note: • Sound 1.3.2 is not compatible with OS X 10.6 and older. • Sound 1.3.3 is not compatible with OS X 10.6 and older. Reviews: • “Sound 1.3.2 Macros is a great addition to the set of macOS music apps. I’ve used the app a lot lately to help my compositional process and I have to say it’s a little game changer. Being able to create macros and record them has revolutionized the way I compose music.” – Aaron D – • “Sound 1.3.2 Macros is a must have app if you want to harness the power of the Mac to create your own MIDI compositions. It’s built on top of the popular sequencing software Logic and it provides great and easy 77a5ca646e

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Wotja is a music generator for playing with your favorite mixes, creating the perfect ambient sound, and understanding music creation in general. A tool for music lovers, novices, or music connoisseurs The program offers a wide range of features and allows mixing and customizing different types of musical compositions. For example, when opening the tool for the first time, you can start playing with the samples and templates to start learning the ropes. Soon after exercising music creation, you can start making your custom compositions, from scratch. The tool allows creating automatic mixes, pre-configured mixes from the clipboard, empty mixes with cut-up text, playlists, or box (automatic) tracks. A tool that speeds up the learning curve and helps you understand music better We all have hobbies. However, there is a large gap between understanding the ins and outs of a topic and appreciating it from an amateur’s perspective. With Wotja you will get a taste of the music creation world. The app will help you learn how to combine sounds, adjust frequencies, and balance the compositions. The tool offers a visual representation of the elements you add to a piece, has text-to-music capabilities, and enables flow-mode song creation (for combining elements easier and understanding how small pieces fit into the larger composition). Furthermore, you get access to a Music Engine (IME) and a Sound Engine (ISE). These are fit for more advanced users, people who want to granularly edit their tracks you can play with the 130+ parameters for generative (MIDI) music creation, try different music oscillators (like Macro Oscillator 1) and synthesizers, or custom script your compositions with code to obtain the desired sound effects. Conclusion To summarize, Wotja is a magnificent application and a solid music learning instrument. Whether you understand the technical side of creating music, want to learn the art of generating and harmonizing sounds, or are looking for a new hobby, the program is fun and smart enough to surprise you. Wotja is an application that lets you compose with your own soundtracks with ease. From your own music (created with a music sequencer like Hydrogen or JAM), or from external content, you can create your own compositions. There are many ways to build your music and customize your compositions. There is no need to know music theory or technical know-how. You just need to try and get creative. Wot

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Get ready to learn and explore. Wotja is a musical generator that is fun, interactive and easy-to-use. With Wotja, you can create and harmonize your own musical compositions with text-to-music capabilities and visual music editors. Wotja is a multi-instrumental music composer that supports 20 instruments and vocals. Whether you want to compose a song, create an ambient track or learn about harmonizing, Wotja has you covered. Features: • Create and play over 400 generative compositions and 1,000 presets with flow-mode song-writing for complex compositions• Track by track (butterfly) editing & mixing in song mode• Automatic song mode to create your own compositions• Create and save your compositions as you go• Optimized design for mobile phones• Interactive editor• Wavetable oscillator• MIDI input• Over 100 preset instruments• Music Scratchpad • Music editors (SCUT, OMIN, iseMusic, D-Track, yandex.music)• Audio playback with voiceover & instrument tracks• MIDI control & message editing• Support for different music concepts (example: harmonic, composition, & melodic• Vocals with adjustable pitch, speed, range and volume• Codeable song structure & automation• Ability to playback & save multiple songs• Random music generator• 24-bit lossless audio & MIDI playback• Create & edit your own music sequencer• Create and save your own music library• Vocal or instrument editor & sequencing• Built-in audio editor & recording• Import music & libraries• Export• Import MIDI files• Export/Import audio files & MIDI files• Filter and search Instructions: If you can load music, Wotja is ready to help. You will not have to do any extra work. The interface is simple. Within the Music Editor, select the instrument you want to play. Press play and your music will begin to play. You can also open the MIDI editor and try your hand at writing your own music in a visual way. A fun, user-friendly program. For a better understanding of Wotja’s composition feature, go to our WEBSITE. Recent changes:  Additionnal Feedback requested!  Description: As a creative tool, Wotja allows you to create your own songs, playlists, work on themes, and more. Wotja is a music composer that supports 20

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Program Compatibility: Compatibility with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 Minimum: OS: Windows XP SP3 (32-bit) Processor: Pentium 4, Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Duo E6700 or AMD Athlon 64 X2 Memory: 512 MB RAM Operating system: Windows XP Processor: 700 MHz Memory: 500 MB RAM Recommended: Operating system: Windows Vista Processor: 1.7 GHz Memory


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